Year in Review

The true gift of education is best realised through the many success stories of students and teachers fulfilling their potential.

At eCampus NZ, the stories are truly individual. From single parents, to mature students returning to study or discovering it for the first time; every story is equally inspiring.  Every student’s unique journey and their work, study and career goals are the governing focus.

Sales & Business Development Manager Jo Miles says of 2017’s success: “We have had many great student testimonials. Through these wonderful stories it’s great to see these learners have found a specific course that fits their needs within our increasing range of courses and qualifications.

“Not only have we achieved a growth in our product and learners, but also in our successes.  And that is what everyone at eCampus NZ is striving for – to help people achieve their goals and dreams, work better and smarter, and have a great work life balance.

“We recently attended the PMI Conference for the first time and that was exciting to be able to meet with project managers and their associates and provide them with details of specific training requirements for their industry. This relates to our current Project Management courses. Creating study pathways that fit learners’ needs and that are accessible at a time that suits them is a great benefit of eCampus.”

With more than 340 individual course occurrences through this year, with the majority of courses offered on a monthly basis, Academic and Quality Manager Jackie Rees says of eCampus NZ’s evolution in 2018: “In the New Year, courses in Adult and Tertiary Teaching will be coming online, with further courses in Project Management available from mid-year.”

There are currently more than 20 eCampus NZ facilitators enabling positive online learning experiences to support successful learner outcomes. Throughout this year there has been a 500 percent increase in the number of individual learner enrolments. A 100 percent increase in the number of different courses delivered in 2017, with an expanding portfolio in business and IT courses, is true testament to the online learning service’s flexibility and dedication to providing a leading edge tertiary education alternative.

eCampus NZ uses an online tool called Turnitin to check your assignment files against the content of other websites and databases. Turnitin has informed us that they have now added AI writing detection capabilities to their plagiarism review tools.Click here for more details.