WineWorks Marlborough Ltd Partners with eCampus NZ to upskill team leaders.

The Challenge

WineWorks Marlborough wanted to upskill five warehouse team leaders, all of whom had supervisory skills of five-plus years.  This was also a first-time professional development opportunity for the company, and they wanted assurance that they had chosen the best training provider to suit their needs.

The Solution

The team leaders enrolled in the New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4) through eCampus NZ. The company gave the team leaders a half-paid day off each week so they could study free from work distractions and conducted regular meetings so staff could support each other with their study.

To assist the company, eCampus NZ created a customised learner dashboard* that the team’s manager could log in to see how the staff were doing and to proactively identify any staff that may need extra support.

The Results

As a result of completing the course, team members became more confident in their work. Instances of independent decision making increased and the team leaders no longer jump to conclusions and consider alternatives before making decisions. They have also become mentors to other staff in the company. Inspired by their learning experience and keen to upskill further, three of the team leaders who completed the certificate are now working towards the New Zealand Diploma in Business.

Overall, the company has reported an increase in efficiency and output since the staff had gained their certificates. It has also helped the company manage succession planning and overall strategic objectives.

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“The team are looking at things through a different light and making improvements as they go. We can’t put a price tag on the development that they have had. They are now developing people down their line just because of this experience”.

Warrick De Waal, Warehouse Manager, WineWorks Marlborough Ltd.


*Please note that this was an additional service.

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