What’s in a logo? The meaning behind the eCampus NZ logo

The meaning behind the eCampus NZ logo

If you ever want to learn more about an organisation, looking at their logo is a good place to start.

Logos are important because they help us instantly recognise a company or organisation. But if you look closer, you’ll find that many logos also tell us much more, giving us clues about who an organisation is and what they stand for.

The original eCampus NZ logo was designed by Brian Lyall in 2016 when a number of vocational providers in Aotearoa New Zealand came together to provide life-changing experiences through online learning.



We chose a circular logo – a universal symbol that represents inclusion and community. At eCampus NZ, our work centres around supporting our partners’ ākonga/learners by helping them access high-quality vocational learning online, no matter where they live or what professional or personal commitments they may have in their lives. The circle also represents community – a fitting choice for eCampus NZ. We work hard to ensure that our partners’ learners feel part of a virtual community, while also helping them connect with their regional campus. Learners using eCampus NZ may be learning online, but they are not learning alone.

The blue and green colours within the circle remind us of the land meeting the sky and the sea. We connect the green of the land to the new beginnings and growth made possible through learning.  Blue can symbolise both the sky and the sea, associated with the freedom, opportunities and adventure we open ourselves up to when we dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of knowledge.

If you look at the white space in the logo, you’ll see an infinity twist or pikorua in Māori – a symbol that has been used through the ages to represent connection and the infinite possibilities of life.  Learning can open up new opportunities, and the paths of the loop don’t end, just as we never stop learning.

The infinity twist also represents the connection between eCampus NZ and the institutes we support. Each institute delivers online learning opportunities that work around people and their world, powered by eCampus NZ. This shared mahi is what connects us.

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