Upskilling in Administration

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With jobs in administration requiring prior years’ experience and with a goal of opening and conducting her own business one day, Amy Pourau, wanted to upskill through studying.

Amy required an education provider that offered flexibility to work around her teenage son’s schedule and schooling. As an online learning platform, eCampus NZ provided the answer.

At first, Amy enrolled to complete the New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 3). She has since gone on to complete the New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 4) and is in the process of completing the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 5).

“I really enjoyed the whole experience of Level 3, from the flexibility to the knowledge I gained. I thought, I’ve got to carry on, I need to put some more knowledge and skills in my basket, so I enrolled in Level 4. I really enjoyed that, it was an awesome experience and I thought, I could do the Diploma,” says Amy.

Amy said the Diploma was a step up and her first stumbling block, however, following a chat with her course advisor and their reassurance that she could do it; she gained the confidence to carry on. Fast forward and she is now due to complete the 36-week Diploma qualification in 12 weeks’ time.

Throughout her studies, Amy said she has learnt important business concepts and administration and management skills. A highlight has been working on assignments with scenarios.

“In one of the Diploma papers, we had a scenario of someone starting their own business and implementing all the functions to make sure the business ran smoothly. I really enjoyed this task; it was so valuable. In my current paper on Management of Administration Process, Systems and Procedures, I’m working through a scenario as a senior manager opening a new premises in a different geographical location. So, I’m learning all about project management,” says Amy.

Amy stills plans on opening her own business and knows she can now do it through the invaluable knowledge and skills she has gained through eCampus NZ.

Amy has also enjoyed sharing her knowledge with others along the way, such as her mum.

“I gave her advice on a new venture for the food business she works for. They have taken this on board and are now trialing the idea,” says Amy.

Amy has also inspired her aunty to study with eCampus NZ. She has been able to support her and act as a mentor to.

Overall Amy said she found her experience with eCampus NZ really great. She said all the tutors have been wonderful, that they keep in regular contact and make sure everything is planned and that you meet deadlines.

In summary, Amy says “If you’re looking into a career in business and administration, these courses can provide you with the required skills and knowledge needed.”

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