Three Reasons Why Summer is a Great Time to Change Your Life

The end of the year is fast approaching; summer is almost here and with it comes those long sunny days that seem to boost our energy!

It’s a time of the year when people often reflect on all that has happened and begin to plan for the year ahead. It can be a great time to supercharge your career, and perhaps change the direction of your life with some summer study.

So why should you study over the summer you may be asking? Well, there are some pretty compelling reasons to follow that make it an attractive proposition.

Use the energy boost

Studying over the summer makes the most of the energy boost that summer gifts us.

Daylight savings is a godsend for summer students; it gives you more daylight hours for study as well as fun activities. And being an online student means that you can actually have it all. You can easily combine a summer holiday with a meaningful study programme because everything you need is at your fingertips, the minute you log on to the eCampus NZ platform. Picture a lazy day at the beach and a warm night on the deck listening to the waves crash on the shoreline while you supercharge your career!

You have the headspace

If there was ever a time to juggle work and study, it’s in the summertime. Most workplaces are winding up ahead of the New Year, and often remain quiet throughout January, which makes life a little easier. Your brain will be free of work clutter and you’ll be able to soak up a whole lot of new learnings. The summer days away from work mean that you have the flexibility to fit your study around regular breaks in the sun with friends and family.

Starting the New Year one step ahead

What a great feeling to head back to work knowing that you are one step ahead of others.  You have finished a course and have some new skills to go with it.  Your boss will be impressed with your initiative and drive, and you’ll be filled with such a sense of accomplishment. You never know what opportunities will unfold in the New Year because you made the choice to maximise your summer.


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