Three reasons why Autumn is a great time to change your life

Days are getting shorter, the nights are drawing in and the mercury isn’t climbing so high anymore. The leaves are changing colour and fluttering to the ground. Autumn is here.

With the seasonal changes that Autumn brings, so comes a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment. Fruit and vegetables are harvested and we enjoy the bounty of the hard work of Spring.

Although it’s natural to think of Spring as the season to make changes in your life, there are plenty of reasons why Autumn is the best time to make big changes in your life. Here’s why!

1. More time for yourself

We know that it’s impossible to squeeze more hours into a day, but in Autumn we seem to have more time in the evenings. This is because less activities are competing for our time. There is less reason to race to the beach after work, or go out for drinks after work. Summer sports draw to a close and many Winter sports have not yet begun.

So why not use this time to think about what you want out of life? A new career, skill or hobby. Autumn is the perfect time to embark on something you love. Challenge yourself to become more productive and change your life for the better!

2. Time to reflect on the past and plan for the future

Just as nature follows a seasonal cycle, we too face constant change and cycles in our lives. Difficult seasons pass and make way for new opportunities.

Pick a rainy day and reflect on the last few months. It can help if you summarise your various achievements. Now think about your life goals and your priorities for the next few months. This will put you on a path to achieving what you want from life. ]Autumn provides a great time of focus. You’re not distracted by summer parties and holidays. You can commit to your chosen path and start walking it.

3. Start now and be ready by Spring

Cooler, darker evenings lend themselves perfectly to study. All you need is your laptop and a cup of hot chocolate if you’re studying online. The beauty of starting your study in Autumn is that you could finish your course by Spring or Summer!

Take advantage of cosy evenings at home. Spend some time learning something new, and springboard into the next season with a feeling of accomplishment.

Now’s a great time to do the things that will help you reach your life goals. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Reflect, plan and grow! eCampus NZ has so many online courses that take 5-6 weeks to complete full-time, or 11-12 weeks part-time. That’s only a season! Take the next step – check out the range of flexible study options here:

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