The Juggling Game

The question every parent who studies gets asked the most is “how do you do it?” The truth is parents who study aren’t superhuman, they are organised and plan ahead.

eCampus NZ jumped on some online forums recently and gathered up the best first-hand tips on how to best manage study while balancing child and work commitments.

Here are the top ten:

  1. Do a little bit every day, even if it’s just reading one page or reviewing notes, because once you get behind it can be hard to catch up.
  1. Use an online app for flash cards, then you can review notes wherever you are. Free apps include Evernote Peek, Chegg Flashcards, Studyblue and Flashcards+
  1. Get a diary that you can plan what and how much you will study each day, what you need to do at home, what activities the kids have on and the weekly dinner menu.
  1. Have a cook up on the weekend, and get really friendly with your crock pot.
  1. If you can, set up a good support crew and treat them well, it takes a village to gain a degree!
  1. Remember noodles or weetbix for dinner is not the end of the world, and time for you to recharge is really important 🙂
  1. Find a time which works for you to study. For my first few years (when the kids were young) and I was trying to study, I’d get up and hit the books between 5-7am before the house woke. There were no distractions, the house was silent, and I wasn’t clearing up dinner dishes, sorting washing, organising baths etc. I found I was too tired to study in the evening. In the mornings, I was focussed and had a finite time to sit and get stuck in.
  1. Utilise your facilitator and student adviser, who are there to help you plan/write that essay and ask for help if you get stuck.
  1. Have an area, if you can, just for study.
  1. Make time for family and relaxation and give yourself a reward when you submit an essay or exam.

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