The friendly face behind enrolments

While eCampus NZ has earned itself a commendable reputation as an innovative, responsive and flexible online learning platform, there’s a special part of the experience that personalises the engagement students have even further – the frontline team.

A key member of this team is Maria Aabjerg, who is an Enrolment Coordinator for eCampus NZ. Most of the students who have enrolled with eCampus NZ will have had some form of contact with Maria who prides herself on making a great first impression and offering excellent service and support right the way through students’ journeys.

Having spent ten years in social work in Denmark, Maria brings a unique and valuable set of skills and attributes to her role. She can greatly empathise with students adjusting to big changes and the challenge often involved with juggling multiple responsibilities, especially as she has two boys of her own.

 “What I like about the New Zealand workforce is that it is way more flexible for New Zealand families and it is the same for this education we are providing. I can work online for my role and students can also work from home.

“I like the opportunity to guide people to choose the right pathway and achieve goals in their life.  My social work background is useful with this as I can draw on a lot of those skills to help students succeed and make the right choices for them.”

Maria says one of the best parts of her job is that she truly believes in the product. “My job is to provide all the information and to provide learning advice that ensures students have a foundation to make the right decision for them. I like that part of it and to see when students succeed and are happy with our service.

“I make sure that students know what they are signing up for and give the advice that while the learning is flexible, they also need to be self-directed and get the basic things set up at home to make a structure for themselves. Making a good study plan is important to having a successful experience.”

Important information for new learners

eCampus NZ as a business unit of Open Polytechnic, is now part of Te Pūkenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology.

From 1 January 2023, eCampus NZ will no longer enrol new learners into study plans delivered on the eCampus NZ learning platform.

However, all courses/programmes will still be available for online study through Open Polytechnic - Te Pūkenga.

The eCampus NZ team is here for you. If you are still experiencing ongoing issues related to Cyclone Gabrielle, please contact your advisor or facilitator so we can work with you to get you back on track.