The stuff legends are made of….

The word “brand” is bandied about on a regular basis. We hear people, companies and organisations talking about their brand all the time but, do you ever stop to think about what this really means?

As consumers we now have so much choice about the products we buy, the places we choose to go and the people we choose to follow on social media. And it’s that choice that has made branding such a valuable component of the marketing exercise.

Branding is a big conversation. A brand is a group of perceptions and experiences that give each of us as individuals a connection to a product or experience. Our perceptions inform our selections as a consumer. A great brand can mean product success and increased profit.

The second component is the logo, the typeface, tagline, imagery or colour selected- it’s its unique identity that makes it stand out from the rest.

Neither of these two components can stand alone – they must link and make sense of each other. There has to be a tangible thread between product, perception and logo to fulfil that brand promise.

That’s where a great graphic designer can make the difference between success and mediocrity. Great designers clearly understand these links and have a unique ability to get “under the skin” of a product or entity and help develop an outstanding visual identity.

Great designers don’t just take a brief at face value and turn out mediocrity – they develop an understanding and an affinity with the product and its personality and they turn that understanding into a tangible visual representation.

For some designers this comes naturally, but for others it takes training and support to really understand the power of design in creating a legendary brand.

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