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With so many career opportunities available to business graduates, it’s no surprise that the most popular courses studied with eCampus NZ last year are from our New Zealand Diploma in Business. 

The benefits of studying business are obvious. Business graduates are in high demand, and the transferrable skills developed through a business diploma set graduates up for success in a huge variety of roles. 

Whether you’re beginning your career, looking for that next promotion, seeking new opportunities in new sectors or starting up your own business, studying business will open doors. 

What you can study

As there are so many different types of jobs available in business, eCampus NZ offers a wide range of fully online courses for learners studying towards a New Zealand Diploma in Business. 

Of course, there are certain business fundamentals that anyone entering the business world needs to know, which is why you’ll begin with our four core courses: Organisations in a New Zealand ContextBusiness EnvironmentsBusiness Functions and Understanding Change. 

On top of these core courses, you can choose four more courses to complete your diploma and specialise in Project Management, Administration and Technology, HR Management, Leadership and Management or Marketing and Sales.  

You can even add a further four courses to your business diploma from another area of specialisation, which will give you an even deeper knowledge of the business world.  Being a double (or triple!) threat can give you the competitive edge you need to stand out in your next role. 

Study Leadership and Management!

If you see leadership in your future, but need to round out or formalise your leadership and management skills, the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Leadership and Management) could be the answer. Aside from the four core courses, you’ll learn how to help your organisation run smoothly, efficiently and profitably with our course in Operational Management and Compliance.

You’ll also gain the skills to effectively manage business planning and team engagement through our course in Business Planning, and delve into the complexities of project management in Managing Projects. In our Leadershipcourse, you’ll gain the skills to be a great leader, giving you the confidence to help manage a team and ensure successful outcomes.

Former learner Tane says, “The things I have learned are shaping my thinking for the better. Not only will I be more efficient and effective in the workplace but the skills you learn can be applied to your personal life as well”. 

Study Project Management!

Project Management skills are highly valued in any organisation, and the Diploma in Business (Project Management) offers a fantastic foundation for those wanting to develop the knowledge and skills needed to manage projects from start to finish.

On top of the four core courses, you’ll take Project Management Principles, which will introduce you to the full range of project management principles that can be applied throughout a project life cycle. Project Management Methodologies will help you review, evaluate and compare a range of project management methodologies, while Project Management Tools will introduce you to the range of software and tools used in project management. Learning about these tools will make sure you manage projects effectively and have a strong grasp on deliverables, time frames, resources and budgets.

Finally, you’ll take Applied Project Management, which will guide you through a realistic project delivery with a focus on the human resource elements of project management. From this experience, you will gain real life expertise and knowledge and get to put your new skills to the test.

Previous learner Bruno is looking forward to bringing his new skills into his next role, “I will have project management skills and procedures, lots of quality control processes, a set way of managing projects that takes everything into account and learning the fundamentals of that will help.” 

Study Human Resources Management!

If you’re a people-person with a passion for business, consider taking our Diploma in Business (Human Resources Management). This qualification is perfect for those looking to enter HR or get formal recognition of their existing skills with a recognised qualification. You’ll learn about core components, ethical standards, and responsibilities of the HR role in Introduction to Human Resources.

Every worker has a right to a safe environment, and through the Introduction to Health and Safety Management you’ll learn about health and safety legislation and how to apply it effectively in your workplace. After taking Change and HR Initiatives, you’ll know how to manage organisational change from an HR perspective, and through People and Development you’ll learn how to help develop your team and their skill base. 

Study Business Administration!

We all know that effective businesses and operations are supported by highly skilled administrators. If you are charging forward with your career path in the corporate sector and need additional administration skills to round out your knowledge, or would like formal recognition of your current skills, take a look at our New Zealand Diploma in Business (Administration and Technology).

Our course in Administration Services will help you plan, organise and manage business administration functions and operations to support management. In Administration Systems, Processes, and Projectsyou’ll learn how to manage, analyse and evaluate administrative systems and processes so you can make sound recommendations and improvements

In Business Technologies, you will study emerging administration technologies and how they can be used to implement change and meet business needs. You’ll build on this knowledge in Business Information Managementin which you’ll learn how to produce business information to support the operation and management of a business. 

Study Sales and Marketing!

Budding marketing and sales gurus can gain a comprehensive understanding of marketing and sales principles, understand buyer behaviour and gain marketing intelligence through the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Marketing). Introduction to Marketing and Sales will give you a solid introduction to the discipline, covering topics key topics like market segmentation, branding and integrated marketing communications.

You’ll learn to understand, interpret and influence decision making to achieve the best results for your business through your course in Buyer Behaviour, and will explore how to use market intelligence tools in Marketing and Sales Intelligence. Through Essential Skills for Marketing and Sales, you will learn the basics of sales, tactical marketing, customer management and interpersonal skills, giving you the tools needed to succeed in the marketing and sales arena.

eCampus NZ learner Christine liked learning about the different platforms available to businesses, “Prior to studying, I didn’t have much experience in marketing. I now manage the social media accounts for the hotel I work for, so for me to understand this in-depth is really helpful,” she says. 

With all of these valuable learning opportunities available, it can be difficult to choose your focus area. After all, why wouldn’t a budding marketeer be interested in developing leadership and management skills? And why wouldn’t a future team leader or manager want great project management skills? Well, that’s the great thing about this qualification – if you want to add another strand to your diploma and skill to your skillset, you can! 

All eCampus NZ certificate and diploma courses and qualifications completed online through eCampus NZ are industry recognised and NZQA accredited. With monthly start dates and flexible study options, now is your time to invest in your future self. Enrol today! 

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