Starting the journey…

Pamela Simpson is CEO of eCampus NZ. In this week’s blog she talks about the recent reform of vocational education or RoVE.

Everyone will have had one of “those moments”. The moment when the light bulb goes on and there’s a real sense that you get it – you understand the concept. The power of education constantly amazes me.  When we have that moment, we are often driven to build on this learning and explore a greater range of ideas, gather more insights and commit to some form of continued growth through enquiry.

Understandably, starting the learning journey can be a challenge. It takes a quiet moment of self-belief and confidence to take that first step and commit to a journey which will have many unknowns along the way. For many, this first step is a mammoth challenge and it’s always easy to find reasons why not to take it. In fact, the range and breadth of the reasons not to do something feels far longer than the push to say yes.  I know from personal experience that the first small step leads to so many larger ones and it’s hugely satisfying once the journey begins.

The vocational education sector is currently going through a period of significant change. By the end of 2020 the sector will look different. I hope that this is not adding to the list of reasons why not to study.  Unknowns always make it easier to come up with an excuse, especially if we start to consider “what ifs”- the things that might happen.  Add these questions to all the other factors we must consider like not having time, being too busy at work or with family and managing other social pressures and it can quite often lead to further procrastination.

I want to dispel some of the myths around the sector change. Vocational education will always have a place in the New Zealand learning sector. In fact, it is becoming more and more relevant as the demand for quality and qualified people increases. The learnings that you gain now will stand you in good stead for the future.

The proposed change is about strengthening and refocusing the sector to make sure it is sustainable and here for the long haul. Its about streamlining and consolidating processes to ensure longevity and ongoing relevance. The focus is to minimise the impact on learners and to support your ability to be successful, alongside meeting employer’s needs. Whatever evolves from this change will be designed to work better for you as a learner and to provide you with more support and better systems. This is the bottom line of the RoVE review.

With that in mind, I would encourage anyone thinking of starting a course of study to jump in boots and all. The day you enrol will be the first day of squashing excuses and seeking new learnings. I would encourage you not to use RoVE as a reason to put off starting your personal journey of growth and learning. If you need to know more, please email us at [email protected].

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