Staff Retention in the New Year

Are your staff looking forward to the new working year or have they had enough of the hours, the grind, and not getting anywhere?

The New Year is a critical planning time for managers and the time to assess how engaged your staff will be in the year ahead. Otherwise you might just find ‘get a new job’ is on your employees’ New Year resolution list.

The UK Telegraph has just published some tips for managers on using the New Year as a fresh start –including employee engagement, which is critical to staff retention.

They recommend:

  1. Prioritising self-care – it reduces sick leave stress levels and increases motivation
  2. Tempering your inner critic – take the time to really listen to how you talk to yourself and encourage others to do the same
  3. Ask, listen and understand what staff want – employee retention is not about providing funky work spaces, beer and pool tables. Staff members need to feel invested and valued with chances to grow and succeed.

The 2016 Job Satisfaction and Engagement Report* shows the number of employees considering career opportunities as very important to their job satisfaction has risen by almost 20 per cent over the past eight years. Planning for and creating opportunities for learning and development is just one of the ways you can increase staff engagement with their work. Having opportunities to test and implement new knowledge and feel successful is an excellent reason for turning up at work each day.

Retaining good staff is critical to a business and how people are managed is arguably one of the most important aspects of management.

A course in Human Resources will provide you with the knowledge to be confident when it comes to planning and give you the skills to create opportunities for staff engagement.

The course will also arm you with:

  1. best practice techniques when it comes to managing people
  2. the relevant legislation to ensure you operate lawfully
  3. Core function understanding –recruitment processes, remuneration plans, performance management and health and safety.

Studying Human Resources online through eCampus NZ gives you access to New Zealand’s most flexible and responsive online learning portal. You can study with minimal disruption to your career and lifestyle.

* Research report by the Society for Human Resource Management

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