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eCampus NZ Annual Review 2020

He waka kōtuia kāhore e tukutukua ngā mimira. A canoe that is interlaced will not become separated at the bow. In unity there is strength.

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eCampus NZ supports seven Te Pūkenga subsidiaries in enhancing learning opportunities through the delivery of future-focused digital learning. This helps New Zealand vocational learners, tertiary education providers, employers and industry create new pathways between learning and work.


COVID-19 Response

In 2020, eCampus NZ’s close relationships with Te Pūkenga subsidiaries and their regional learning communities were more important than ever.

We created opportunities out of adversity as we worked together to harness the power of digital learning and minimise the impact of COVID-19 on learners, employers and industry in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

As a digital service provider, eCampus NZ was able to continue operating throughout the lockdown period and as the COVID-19 alert levels changed throughout the year. We were pleased to redirect our resources and use our digital capabilities to support collaborative efforts to assist learners, educators, employers, industry and communities throughout 2020.

Responding to Regional Needs

eCampus NZ’s longstanding connections with seven regional Te Pūkenga subsidiaries allow us to respond to the specific needs of regional providers and their employer and industry connections.

Supporting Success

eCampus NZ reaches a diverse community of learners. Together with our Te Pūkenga subsidiary partners, in 2020, eCampus NZ reached learners across 239 towns and cities across Aotearoa, New Zealand, from Awanui to Invercargill.

Enabling learning that works around learners and employers

Many learners choose to study via eCampus NZ because of the increased flexibility online learning affords.

Learners studying on the eCampus NZ platform can transition between on-campus and online study, allowing them to shape their learning pathway around their professional and family commitments while staying connected to a regional institute.

Cultivating Relationships With Employers

In order to close skill gaps, remain responsive to rapidly developing technologies, and flex with market demands, employers need to be able to provide flexible learning opportunities that can be delivered within the world of work.

eCampus NZ continues to invest in digital innovations that help New Zealand employers and their workforce close the gap between learning and work.

Using Digital Learning to Build Bridges Between Learning and Work

To thrive, learners and employers need opportunities to develop knowledge and skills that have practical applications in the workplace.

Employers and industry need the ability to shape online learning opportunities that meet the requirements of their regional workforce. Learners need to understand how to apply what they are learning in the workplace so they can meet their personal and professional goals.

eCampus NZ supports Te Pūkenga subsidiaries in ensuring learners have opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and pathways to succeed in work and deliver value to their regional workforce.

97% Surveyed learners studying via eCampus NZ in 2020 who reported the information they learned was practical, relevent and based on real-world tasks or situations.

Investing in Future-focused Learning

eCampus NZ continues to invest in innovation.

Each year we find new digital solutions to support flexible, forward-thinking online, on-campus, and work-integratedlearning.

Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi

With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.

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