Putting her learning to work

With a full-time career in the event hire industry, as well as being a mother and host-mother to two international students, Julia Kruskopf is living proof that even the busiest people can find the time to achieve their academic and professional goals. Last month, in the midst of the nationwide lockdown, Julia completed the New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4) with eCampus NZ.

Asked how she managed to juggle her academic, professional, and family commitments throughout her learning journey, Julia is quick to acknowledge the people in her life who helped her to achieve this milestone.

Firstly, Julia credits her employer for encouraging her to pursue a qualification in first line management. Julia has worked for Hirepool for the past nine years. “The best thing about working for Hirepool,” Julia enthuses, “is that they’re always looking for ways to help you grow.” Having recently completed a course in first line management himself, Julia’s manager encouraged her to do the same. “My manager was supportive as I progressed through the course. He was always willing to discuss what I was learning and how we could put the ideas into practice at work.” While she completed most of her study outside of working hours, Julia says appreciatively, “I was lucky in my workplace. If it was quiet, I was able to do a little work on my course, in between phone calls.”

Secondly, Julia praises her “amazing” course facilitators for helping her recognise her own potential. She had already realised that eCampus NZ offered her the best option in continuing her education. However, having left school at the end of 6th form (Year 12), Julia found it took a little time to readjust to the world of learning. “It was hard to get my head around at first because it has all changed so much,” she says. With the support and encouragement of her course facilitator, Julia quickly gained confidence in her ability to successfully complete the qualification.

Julia also acknowledges her family for their role in helping her to achieve her goal. Her parents’ pride in what she was doing helped Julia to keep going when things got tough. “They were absolutely amazing.”

Of course, completing the qualification while working full-time also took dedication and perseverance on Julia’s part. She found that the key to successful online learning was to use every opportunity she had to study, even if she could only manage a little at a time.

The flexibility of learning online with eCampus NZ meant that Julia was able to study after she had finished cooking dinner in the evenings. She never lost sight of her goal, and often focused on how she would feel once she had gained her qualification. “This gave me something to aim for.”

Julia found that, as she worked through the qualification, the skills that she was learning could easily be applied within her current workplace. “This particular course has given me in-depth experience in handling issues that I will have to address in the future. It’s very practical.” As she developed her understanding of team dynamics through the course, Julia arrived at a new understanding of the importance of patience and empathy in the professional sphere. “Everyone is different, and nothing is ever black and white.”

Overall, Julia says eCampus NZ offers superior course content and a high level of support. She would recommend this course to anyone looking to progress their career.

Asked how she feels now she has reached her goal, Julia says simply, “I feel really, really proud of myself.”

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