Project Management qualification opens up job opportunities for UCOL learner 

Te Ara learner story

New Zealand Certificate in Project Management graduate Te Ara Iwikau’s new qualification has helped her land a job with a multinational company.

For the former Universal College of Learning (UCOL) and eCampus NZ learner, her study has launched her career.

She started off in a project services role and now she is a project delivery coordinator for a New Plymouth-based company.

“This qualification gave me my foot in the door to work and begin my career at a large multinational integrated oil, gas and petrochemical company as a project delivery coordinator,” Te Ara said.

“If I hadn’t studied project management, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity.”

Why did Te Ara decide to study at eCampus NZ?

For Te Ara, it was a change of circumstances which got her into study.

She was due to move to Australia in January 2021, when things changed. Te Ara was grounded in New Zealand due to the COVID-19 situation and had to rethink her plans.

Instead, she thought “what better time to study than now?”

She aimed to achieve the qualification in order to start the building blocks for her future career.

Why project management?

Te Ara has always enjoyed being super organised, working and communicating with a like-minded team, and delivering high-detailed work, along with a bit of pressure.

“My best friend once told me they could see me as a good project manager, and then I began to look into what that meant and looked like and thought: ‘Hey, that’s a bit of me’.”

How Te Ara found studying project management through eCampus NZ

Te Ara liked the flexibility of choosing her own hours.

She enjoyed learning about the different types of management styles as well as the practical scenario of being a project manager.

She also found learning and understanding critical paths helpful.

Advice for people considering studying online through eCampus NZ

“You need to have a good amount of self-control and discipline, it’s very easy to get distracted and put off your studies. Get into a routine and set time away from any distractions,” she said.

While Te Ara was studying full-time, she was also working, so she had to study late at night and early in the morning. By doing this, she felt in control of how her day was planned.

“Make a timetable that is realistic for you and your everyday activities. Even if it’s a few blocks of hours broken up throughout your day to get in some study. Some study is better than none at all!”

What have you learned about the project management industry?

“My key learnings would be that you don’t have to have a high-profile qualification to be a project manager, you need to be able to work with, communicate and structure your team to complete the high-profile tasks and deliver the deliverables,” Te Ara said.

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