New Year, New Name

You may have noticed that in recent months, eCampus NZ has changed the way we talk about ourselvesWe’re now trading under eCampus NZ, and we’ve even updated our logo! 

Interested in why we’re moving forward as eCampus NZ? 


You may already know that in 2020, Minister of Education Chris Hipkins announced Te Pūkenga as the name of Aotearoa’s new national network of 16 institutes of technology and polytechnics. As he made the announcement, Hipkins highlighted that the name links the “power of learning and knowledge and the bringing together of everyone”.  

To show our support of Te Pūkenga, eCampus NZ is rolling out a ‘new’ name and logo that reflects our support of Te Pūkenga and the bringing together of institutes across Aotearoa. 

We say ‘new’, but you’ll see that the name and logo are very similar to our previous one. The changes we’ve made – adding Powered By and removing ‘TANZ’ – align with our shift towards working even more closely with our partners and all Te Pūkenga stakeholders by offering our support as the digital engine behind their brands. We have used both ‘Aotearoa’ and ‘NZ’ to celebrate two of our country’s three official languages (New Zealand Sign Language is the third). 

It’s moving away from the ‘us’, and towards the ‘we’all in the name of helping more learners in Aotearoa New Zealand achieve excellent outcomes. 

Besides…it rolls off the tongue a little easier, don’t you think? 

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