New qualifications soon to launch


 “In teaching others we teach ourselves”

 Teaching is a time honoured profession steeped in selflessness and generosity of spirit. The brilliant minds attracted to these roles are those who revel in helping others to find their calling.

eCampus NZ is proud to play an important role in educating the next generation of teachers with two new programmes of study soon to be launched leading to the following qualifications – the New Zealand Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching (Level 5) and the New Zealand Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (Vocational / Workplace) (Level 5).

The New Zealand Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching (Level 5) is designed especially for those who aspire to have a career in adult tertiary teaching or training. Comprehensive, robust courses make up the programme – four in total. All four must be completed to gain the qualification.

These four courses include learner-centered practice, teaching approaches for learner success, assessment and moderation, and perspectives on teaching and learning. Each course takes 10-14 weeks and it’s possible to do more than one course at a time. Each course can also be completed as an individual one-off for those wanting to upskill in one particular area.

For admission to the programme students  need NCEA Level 2 but, don’t despair, if you don’t have this qualification, you can still be approved for entry if you show you have the literacy and numeracy skills needed for tertiary study through other study, work and life experience. In addition, you must be working with learners in a post-secondary environment and you will also need to meet the requirements of the Vulnerable Children Act 2014.

And the best part? Upon completion of the qualification, graduates are in a position to enter the teaching workforce feeling confident and ambitious about their prospects including opportunities to take up educator, trainer or tutor roles.

The second exciting programme on the horizon with eCampus NZ is the New Zealand Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (Vocational / Workplace) (Level 5). Created especially for workplace educators or vocational trainers who want to enhance their teaching skills in reading, writing and numeracy, there are several great learning benefits associated with the qualification. These include learning how to teach literacy and numeracy to adult learners, gaining skills to create a learner-centred teaching environment, and learning how to teach and respect adult learners.

Keep an eye out for these exciting programmes landing soon and remember that eCampus NZ courses and programmes are eligible for student loans and allowances as well as Free Fees, but as always, conditions apply!

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