Negotiating Change

Leading an organisation through a period of change can be challenging. [br /]In many scenarios you will have to deal with uncertainty from your team members, resistance and in some cases a loss in staff productivity and overall satisfaction.

It is important to remember through this time that change is constant. It is a natural part of the business environment and can lead to greater success of an organisation and its employees.

The key to good change management is a clear strategy, implementation plan and effective communications. So how do you, as a manager, ensure you are adopting a clear and strategic approach, let’s take a look …

Become adaptable to change

First and foremost as a manager you need to understand that change is a normal part of any organisation’s natural progression.  You need to be positive and confident that the change required is best for future success. Lead by example.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning for change takes time and shouldn’t be rushed. Through successful planning you can ensure a smoother implementation where staff are kept in the loop, feel included and are more responsive to change. Things to consider in your strategy include the impacts on staff, possible additional costs to the business, changes to productivity, motivation of staff, communications, maintaining client satisfaction and staff retention.

Understand your people

Consider how different people and personalities take on change – understand everyone is different and that some people might need a different approach.  Take your time to work out how you are going to implement the change for each individual, team and the business as a whole.


Communication in times of change is vital. Leaving staff to worry unnecessarily is not fair. Being open and honest about how the change will affect their role, the business and their opportunities is important to the overall success and delivery of change.

Implement over time

Do it right the first time by taking time during the implementation phase. A considered implementation phase will ensure better employee uptake and less resistance.

Change management is an important element of management procedures. If you are looking to extend your knowledge of change management or want to expand your understanding of leadership and management – take a look at our online New Zealand Diploma in Business.

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