Meet Josh from WineWorks

For WineWorks Marlborough Dry Good Team Leader Josh Diamond-Cowlishaw, completing NMIT’s online New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4) was just the first step in a longer learning journey.

In early 2019, WineWorks Marlborough Ltd, a contract wine bottling, warehousing and distribution centre, was looking for opportunities to help Josh and four other warehouse team leaders upskill.

After careful consideration, WineWorks enrolled the team in the New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4) through NMIT and eCampus NZ.

As the team progressed through their courses, Josh enjoyed “bouncing ideas” around with his colleagues.

“When we got stuck, we could just get together. We also caught up just to check in about how things were going. It was good doing it as a team,” he says.

Josh found it easy to relate what he was learning to his daily work and found that being able to apply what he was learning to his work helped him to understand the course content.

“It was really good doing it alongside my current role. It related well,” he says.

It also helped Josh to reflect on his leadership style and skills.

“It made me reflect on what I am currently doing and think about how I could adapt and what I should be doing,” he says.

Josh enjoyed the feeling of achievement he got when he had successfully completed the qualification.

“It felt like an accomplishment. It was a good feeling,” he says.

Keen to hold onto that feeling and take his learning to the next level, Josh enrolled in the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Leadership and Management) (Level 5) with NMIT and eCampus NZ.

He feels grateful to WineWorks for giving him these opportunities to learn.

“I feel valued. WineWorks obviously want to invest in us and help us develop, and they’ve taken initiative to do that. They care about us,” he says.

We’re glad you had such a positive experience, Josh, and we wish you luck on the next step of your learning journey!


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