Making it Work: Kaylynn’s Story

eCampus NZ Online Learner

Highly motivated NorthTec learner, Kaylynn Baulcomb, chose to study towards her Diploma in Business HR Management because she knew it would help her succeed in the world of work.

Kaylynn balances two part-time jobs – one in security, and the other as an assistant operations manager for a commercial cleaning company.

“I want to improve my skillset for these roles, and I know education is key,” she said.

Kaylynn knew studying would be a challenge due to her busy schedule, so she was excited to find that she could study online on the eCampus NZ platform.

“I found out that NorthTec offered study online, and I realised that this would mean I could balance my two jobs with part-time study,” she said.

Asked if she’s applying what she’s learning in the workplace, Kaylynn replied “Definitely! 100%!”

“In my assistant operations role, I’m involved with resourcing and recruiting staff. In my study, I’ve learned about HR functions, how to recruit, and how to manage resourcing. The study mirrors what I’m doing perfectly,” she said.

Kaylynn believes that having the option to study online has been crucial to her success.

“I like the flexibility that online study offers because it means I can balance study with work,” she said.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that balancing learning and work has been a breeze.

“I do wish there were more hours in the day!” she said.

However, Kaylynn is determined to achieve her study goals, and she has developed strategies to keep herself motivated and on top of her studies.

“I’ve had to focus on managing my time and learning how to prioritise effectively,” she said.

“Staying organized stops me from feeling overwhelmed.  For example, I create a schedule each week and print out the assignments and marking rubrics at the start of each course before going through the course content. This helps me mentally too – I can see what’s coming up so I don’t feel overwhelmed when assignments are due,” she said.

While Kaylnn is comfortable with self-directed learning and enjoys working independently, she does appreciate the “personal touch” offered by her course facilitators and student advisor.

“They even check in by phone, which is different from other online learning,” she said.

Kaylynn plans to finish her qualification towards the end of this year.

“Keeping my eye on the end goal really keeps me motivated,” she said.

Congratulations, Kaylynn, on your achievements so far. The eCampus NZ whānau wish you the best of luck with the rest of your learning journey!

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