Let it go!

Studying requires effort, concentration and energy. Some days it will feel like you would rather do anything else other than sit down and get on with your assignment! Negative thoughts can also enter your head – making you doubt yourself or your ability. On days like this it is important to try and get into the right mind set. One way to achieve this is through simple relaxation techniques.

Here are some easy techniques to help you chill out:

  1. Breathing – the easiest way to meditate. Listen to the natural pattern of your breath and think about nothing else. Notice your body movements. Keep thinking about your breathing.
  1. Nature – find a quiet place in nature and then sit or stand with your eyes closed. Experience the sights, sounds, smells and the feelings around you. You don’t have to go anywhere special – try your garden or your local park.
  1. Walking – concentrate fully on the rhythm of your step. Listen, feel the weight of your arms. Focus on your body and nothing else.

If you are short of time, here are a few quick options to help you refocus and de-stress..

  1. Three count breaths – get back to basics and slowly take a long, deep breath. Breathe in for three counts – hold for three counts – breathe out for three counts. And repeat.
  1. Stop! – Is your mind racing and you can’t focus on what you need to do? Raise your hand and tell your mind to stop! It helps to do the action and say it aloud. Putting negativity or doubts to one side will help you to move forward.
  1. Positive affirmation – remind yourself why you are studying. Tell yourself you can do it and you are going to do it. Choose a mantra that makes you feel positive. Anytime you feel your motivation slipping – say your mantra out loud or look in a mirror and tell it to yourself.
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