Learning to Lead

In the midst of lockdown and juggling work commitments as an essential worker, Keith Gravatt, handed in his final assignment to eCampus NZ last Friday. Keith, an Advanced Practitioner at Odyssey House, has been completing the New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4).

Having studied to post graduate level, specialising in addiction and social work, and having taken on a senior role in his work team, Keith commenced his learning journey with eCampus NZ as he was keen to enhance his leadership and management skills.

Keith’s Clinical Manager had previously completed a similar course so recommended it to Keith.

With having previously completed some online study but preferring a face-to-face environment, Keith had initial concerns about studying online again, but said it went better than expected.

“The eCampus NZ portal and site navigation is easy and uncomplicated. You have access to all the information and readings needed and the support is excellent.”

“My facilitator was in constant communication, available to help and offer direction and push me along. There were a few occasions where I had to get an extension, because of work and family commitments, and the they were very understanding and allowed extra space to get things completed,” says Keith.

Regarding his learnings, Keith said the Level 4 certificate was comprehensive and practical.

“It was exactly what I was looking for, rather than in-depth theories on leadership and management principles. It was pitched at the right level and has provided me with an understanding of myself, what my strengths are, what my style is and how to manage people and teams.”

Keith said he now understands dynamics more and can see things happening that he may not have previously picked up on.

One key learning that captured Keith’s attention was the theory of management by walking around, which is all about involving yourself around the office, reading what is going on around you and encouraging people where they are rather than from behind a desk.

Keith said there was also great material on managing staff/team issues including being aware of relevant policy and relevant legislation.

“The material covered different ways on handling situations including the benefits of early intervention rather than letting things escalate.”

Keith said that the New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4) has made him more aware of his strengths and how to use them. He would recommend the course to others, particularly those new to a management position.

Overall, Keith says eCampus NZ is welcoming and organised.

“The portal has everything you need in front of you and it’s not difficult to jump into chat forums or access help. eCampus NZ managed to establish a connection rather than me just being a number on a list.”

The eCampus NZ learning platform is being closed on 29 February 2024, as part of the completion of the amalgamation into Open Polytechnic | Te Pūkenga. Therefore, access to courseware for ākonga (learners) will be available for three months post course completion or 29 February 2024, whichever happens first. If you have any questions, please contact eCampus NZ : [email protected] or call 0800 328 269.