Learning Platform

Take the tour and discover how our eCampus platform makes online learning easy, flexible and supportive.

Learning Dashboard

Your control centre for eCampus. Here you can see everything regarding your study with us.

See all the courses you’ve enrolled in at the top of the dashboard

Connect with your facilitator and classmates. Or message in private for conversations others don’t need to see.

Keeps you informed of all your course assessments and other important course events

Useful contacts and links for support at your fingertips. Help is just a click away.

My Courses

It’s easy to get started. Click on any course name to see all the sections within that course and to reveal your ‘go to’ options.

Takes you direct to your selected course home page

Takes you straight back to where you left off

Takes you to your course assessment overview

Shows you all the courses resources you’ve viewed in one easy to find place

My Course Home Page

Navigating your way through a course is easy. On the right, there’s three navigation tabs; the course home button, sections containing your course content and assessments. The course progress bar lets you know how much of the course you’ve completed.

My Assessments

Here you can see all the assignments and tasks you must do to complete your course. Plus you’ll find useful tips, resources and links to help you along the way.

My Communications

Connect with your course facilitator and classmates; either publicly through conversations or privately through personal messages.

My Classmates

See who is on your course and who you’ll be sharing your learning experience with.

My Support

Have a question or need help using the learning platform? Here’s where you’ll find the answer. Don’t forget that your student advisor is also there to help when you need more personalised support and advice.

eCampus NZ uses an online tool called Turnitin to check your assignment files against the content of other websites and databases. Turnitin has informed us that they have now added AI writing detection capabilities to their plagiarism review tools.Click here for more details.