Learning online during the next stage of the pandemic: how we’ll support you in 2022.


If 2020 and 2021 taught us anything, it’s that we never quite know what’s around the corner, and it’s difficult to anticipate exactly what 2022 will look like.

Luckily, eCampus NZ learners and staff study and work remotely, so we can keep teaching and learning throughout the disruptions that COVID-19 throws our way.

However, we know that the pandemic and its associated rules and regulations affect everyone differently, so we’ve put plenty of support in place to help online learners like you succeed.

Here’s what you need to know about studying with us in 2022:

No, you do not need to reveal your vaccination status in order to study online as you are not required to attend classes on campus.

Most learners using eCampus NZ study entirely remotely using online academic and support services through their facilitators, student advisors, and enrolling institute. Visiting campus is not required for any programmes delivered via eCampus NZ.

However, learners studying through eCampus NZ are allowed to use the on-campus facilities and services of their enrolling institute, such as libraries and academic support services, and you do have to fulfil your enrolling institute’s vaccination requirements in order to visit their campus.

If you do want to visit your enrolling institute’s campus, please check their COVID-19 support pages for information on their vaccination requirements beforehand:

Yes, there is plenty of support available.

As an online learner, your support team includes your facilitators, a dedicated student advisor, our IT Support team, and your enrolling institute.

When you enrol, you will be connected with a student advisor, who will support you as you progress through your course, helping you to find solutions and stay on track. They can give you advice on study skills and time-management, help you to access resources and services and refer you to specialist support as required.

Your course facilitator will track your progress within your course, providing guidance and feedback on assessments, helping you to access and understand course materials and answering your course-related questions. They can also refer you to additional resources and services as required.

You’ll find plenty of resources on our student support site, Tō Tautoko, from resources on academic writing to instructional videos on how to use the eCampus NZ portal.

Support services provided by your enrolling institute may include specialist learning support, counselling, Māori and Pasifika student support, and referrals to community and government agencies.

As a learner studying via eCampus NZ, you also get free access to Smarthinking, a live, on-demand tutoring service that will help you to get the academic help you may need, when you need it. You can submit assignments for feedback, request live online tutorials and ask questions about new concepts as you learn them.

In addition, our IT Support team are available if you encounter technical issues when using the eCampus NZ platform.

Yes, there are options available to you if COVID-19 disrupts your study.

Our facilitators and student advisors are great at supporting learners who have unexpected obstacles thrown their way, such as childcare issues, changes in working hours, or illness.

We have regular course start dates throughout the year, giving you the option to take a break from study between courses if you need to.

Yes, we will keep you informed throughout your learning journey.

We regularly update our Learner Noticeboard with information related to COVID-19.

Yes, your wellbeing comes first!

You may be learning online, but your eCampus NZ support team knows there’s a human being behind each computer, and your wellbeing is so important to us.

We all know that connecting with others is a great way to nurture our mental and emotional wellbeing. The eCampus NZ portal is a social learning environment – there are plenty of ways for you to interact and collaborate with your classmates, facilitator and student advisor.

If we think you need a little more support, we’ll reach out and make sure you know how we can help.

Our Getting Started toolkit is designed to get you in a good headspace to study, and there are plenty of additional wellbeing resources available on Tō Tautoko.

Still feeling nervous about studying this year?

Meet some of our learners who studied in 2020 and 2021 and hear what they have to say!

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