Learn a new language with eCampus NZ!

Learning a new language opens up a world of opportunities for you in your career and travel plans while helping strengthen your understanding of the diverse cultures in your community.

And it’s not just a polyglot or globetrotter or someone looking for a competitive edge to enhance their job prospects who can benefit from being able to hold a conversation in another lingo.

Language learning can also give your brain a boost. Countless studies have shown how speaking another language every day enhances your listening skills and memory and helps you become a better learner.

Getting started is as easy as une, deux, trois in French or ichi, ni, san in Japanese or vamos in Spanish.

The eCampus NZ short course Speed Spanish (1,2, &3) will quickly help you engage in conversational Spanish with six easy recipes to glue Spanish words together.

The course is designed for anyone who wants to learn Spanish pronto, so in no time at all you will be able to go into any Spanish speaking situation.

For example, in the first lesson the recipe covers how 200 vocabulary words will enable you to say close to 150,000 sentences in Spanish.

Conversational Japanese is an eCampus NZ short course to help you master the basics of holding a conversation in the language of the land of the rising sun.

A native Japanese instructor teaches this course and provides you with useful words and phrases for conversing as well as unique cultural insights to enhance your understanding.

In each lesson for this course there are audio aids and Japanese words written in the English alphabet, a technique which allows you to bypass one of the biggest obstacles for most beginners in Japanese ­­- the letter system.

It’s hoped, by the end of this course you’ll have acquired basic conversational skills which enable you to travel around the country easily to discover the heart of Japan.

Beginning Conversational French is an eCampus NZ short course to help you grasp the basics of the language of France, a language at the forefront of art, politics, music, viticulture, and literature throughout history.

Proper pronunciation of words is essential to learning a language. This French course provides guidance on that as well as cultural tips on appropriate gestures and body language which will be crucial for becoming a Francophile or fitting in on your next trip to France.

Learning a language is something you will never regret. Sign up to a short course with eCampus NZ today.

The eCampus NZ learning platform is being closed on 29 February 2024, as part of the completion of the amalgamation into Open Polytechnic | Te Pūkenga. Therefore, access to courseware for ākonga (learners) will be available for three months post course completion or 29 February 2024, whichever happens first. If you have any questions, please contact eCampus NZ : [email protected] or call 0800 328 269.