Leadership and Management

You’ve heard the phrase – they’re a ‘natural leader’. It’s a commonly used description for a person with an innate ability to lead. These people are often called inspirational, driven, confident, innovative, passionate, reasonable, personable and consistent… a long, complex and diverse list of personality traits that can seem unobtainable.

But if you break it all down – with practice, effort and education most of these leadership traits can be learned. It’s quite possible for someone aspiring to lead to learn these leadership skills and enhance their own leadership qualities.

Knowledge is confidence. When you know and have a good understanding of your chosen field you can speak from a position of knowledge and therefore project confidence. Armed with knowledge, you can speak confidently on a subject and persuade and influence people through the use of examples, research and case studies and feel secure in the fact you are operating under best practice.

Passion and drive is generated when you really care about your organisation or people. Investing time into your business or team will give you greater incentive to achieve. Promotion, remuneration or greater responsibility can also fuel a drive to be at the top of your game – through education, you will put yourself in a better position to take on a greater professional role.

To be innovative means you are already thinking ‘what’s next?’ Whether it’s change or new ideas. Having a good understanding of your organisation and best practice in business and your industry will give you the foundations to innovate and create change.

At eCampus NZ, we offer an online New Zealand Diploma in Business in Leadership and Management.

A level five qualification, it has been specially designed to identify and sharpen your leadership skills and draw the very best out of your leadership and management qualities. Course content covers team engagement, organisational change, business functions, managing projects and organisations in a New Zealand context.

Gaining a sound understanding of business acumen and the best way to manage staff and operations – a Diploma in Business will give any aspiring manager or assistant manager the tools they need to make the move up the management ladder.

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