How the eCampus NZ team can support you!

At times studying can be daunting with many questions along the way… What course do I choose? What course will lead to what career? How will I learn how to use a new online platform? Am I on the right track with my assignment?

Rest assured, when studying NZQA certificates and Diplomas at eCampus NZ your learning journey will be well supported and an enjoyable experience.

From the moment you enrol, through to your graduation, you will have a team of dedicated experts on hand at eCampus NZ. We have sales and learner service coordinators, student advisors, course facilitators and IT support and each will play a part in helping you succeed and ensure your learning experience is all about you.

Ali Hughes, Learner Experience and Success Manager at eCampus NZ says “For us the concept of whakawhanauatanga is really important, so we try to build up a relationship with our learners, so they feel supported. We encourage interaction, personal introductions and forums in which learners and faculty can interact together.”

Sales and Learner Service Coordinator

Upon enrolling, our Sales and Learner Service Coordinators will walk you through our enrolment check list and based on this information will design a study plan that will work for you and fit your lifestyle. They will also send you all relevant information about the program that you have applied for.

Student Advisor

On commencing your study with eCampus NZ, you will be supported by your own Student Advisor who will follow you through your learning journey. The role of the Student Advisor is to provide pastoral support and guidance. Student Advisors track your progress and will regularly check in and see how you are going. If you need help, they will step in to give you the guidance you need to kick your study back into gear.

Your Student Advisor will be your main port of call if you have questions on how to get to grips with course content, study issues or advice on where to start. Your advisor is personally assigned to you and will be your go to person! You will often have the same advisor throughout your whole programme.

Student advisors answer a wide range of questions, but sometimes they just provide reassurance.

“I was petrified at first of having to do it on my own and thinking I would not have support, but I did have the support at all times!” said Joeline Carney who completed a Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4) and New Zealand Diploma in Business (Leadership and Management) (Level 5).

Course Facilitator

To help you through your learning journey, you will have access to experienced Course Facilitators who are dedicated to helping you achieve your study goals. They will answer course questions and will track your progress within each course, providing guidance and feedback on assessments and course materials.

Your Course Facilitator will support you individually as well as in group assignments through forums, personal messaging, telephone or skype.

You would turn to your Course Facilitator for support with academic, content, assessment or learning issues.

“My course facilitators were brilliant. If I had a question, they would help put me on the right track. Having their reassurance was great,” says Josh Cumming who completed a New Zealand Certificate in First Line Management.

IT support

We have a dedicated IT Support team that is available Monday – Friday 9am-5pm who can help you if you have any technical issues. They endeavour to respond within 4-6 hours – based on the urgency and priority of the problem.

On-campus support

In addition to our amazing eCampus NZ support team, whilst studying with eCampus NZ you will be enrolled with one of our seven institutes of technology or polytechnics.

Unfortunately their campuses are closed due to the Covid-19 restrictions. However, when they reopen, you will have the access to their range of support services including library access, health, counselling, and learning support.

eCampus NZ uses an online tool called Turnitin to check your assignment files against the content of other websites and databases. Turnitin has informed us that they have now added AI writing detection capabilities to their plagiarism review tools.Click here for more details.