Going Digital – A Student Success Story

Having had a break from the workforce as a stay-at-home mother for five years, Rachael Hindman decided it was time to start preparing herself for a return to work through studying. With her husband working shiftwork as a paramedic and also tackling his own post graduate papers, she felt the need to be there for her children.  Rachael decided that distance learning would best suit her lifestyle and eCampus NZ provided the answer as it enabled her to complete her studies from home.

Rachael set out to complete the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Marketing and Sales) (Level 5). She was inspired to enroll after discovering a passion for social media and digital marketing while managing her children’s Playcentre social media as a volunteer for the past three years. Rachael hoped that completion of the diploma would expand her skillset and hopefully lead to future job opportunities.

Rachael decided to study fulltime, and while at times it was busy, she managed to find the time to study while the children were at school or kindergarten, asleep or when they were occupied with other activities.

The thought of studying online was at first daunting to Rachael. She felt nervous about learning how to use a new platform, as well as the course content itself, but within a week Rachael had it mastered. During her journey, Rachael liked how supportive the helpdesk and tutors were with prompt responses from both throughout.

Rachael said the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Marketing and Sales) has given her more confidence in herself and reinforced her love for social media, connecting with others and cementing the advantages of correct techniques and skills needed within the marketing and sales world. She has already been able to apply some of the learnings in this space through her volunteer work at the Playcentre. Rachael has also learnt new skills in sales and with having been out of the workforce for five years, Rachael said that the start of the course was a good reminder of her admin days.

“Anything is doable if you put your mind to it!” says Rachael.

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