How to get the most out of study with eCampus NZ

Studying online, whether you are learning part time or full time, takes commitment. It takes energy and discipline to balance family obligations, work deadlines, study and a busy or active lifestyle.

To help our students get the most out of online study, we have put together the top five lessons shared by facilitators of eCampus NZ:

  1. Dive right on in! Read all instructions and engage with the material. It’s really important to read the weekly facilitator posts and course announcements.
  2. Use the forum. Learn from others on the course – talk it through, support each other and seek help.
  3. Persevere when things get tough. You have to have study discipline – you need to be focused and determined to succeed. The rewards will be worth it.
  4. Familiarise yourself with the eCampus NZ portal. Take time to learn the ropes and use the portal with confidence.
  5. Ask your facilitators for help! Don’t struggle on if you need a helping hand. That’s what our facilitators are there for and they all get a kick out of watching their students succeed.

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