Focus on a career in photography

Focus on a Carreer

Do you wish you could spend more time behind the lens? Do you want to explore your passion for photography through your work, instead of around it? Does your dream day begin with packing a camera, lenses, and tripod on your way out the door? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it sounds like now is the time to shift your focus to a career in photography. eCampus NZs’ short courses in digital photography will help you hone the skills you need to make a living out of doing what you love. 

Here are just a few of the many compelling reasons to upskill and go pro: 

 No two days will be the same 

With so many branches of photography to explore, from travel to portraiture, the life of a photographer can be incredibly exciting and varied. Some photographers specialise in a certain area, while many others take on a variety of projects, or shift between different branches of photography throughout their career.   

There’s far more to photography than photoshoots, so variety is built into the job itself. On any given day, a photographer may find themselves brainstorming ideas for a shoot, scoping out locations, finding props and models, digitally processing and editing photographs, networking, or marketing their business.  

Commercial photography can also be a stepping stone into other careers, such as cinematography and directing. Putting in the hours behind the lens can help you to develop your understanding of composition and learn how to work under pressure, skills that translate well to many other creative professions. 

See what happens behind-the-scenes 

Photography is a perfect career choice for the naturally curious. Photographers are often granted access to spaces that aren’t open to the general public. If you’ve always wondered what happens in green rooms, top kitchens, or behind-the-scenes in fashion shows, professional photography can put that coveted backstage pass straight into your hands.  

And photographers aren’t just granted access to spaces.  Aa photographer, your clients will put their trust in you to capture and preserve their most precious moments, giving you intimate access to the highpoints of human experience.  


If you love experiencing new cultures and getting lost in distant cities, you might want to consider a career in travel photography. 

Careers in travel photography can be as diverse as the destinations, cultures and experiences they document.   

Photography jobs can range from the luxurious to the intrepid, and travel photographers must be prepared for all conditions. As such, our course in Travel Photography for the Digital Photographer covers a wide variety of topics, including wildlife photography, underwater photography, shooting at night, capturing cityscapes and shooting in snow and ice. The course also covers environmental challenges that can put your camera equipment in jeopardy, such as freezing temperatures and tropical heat, and offers practical solutions to these challenges.  

If this piques your interest, but you’d like to focus on the fundamentals first, take a look at our Discover Digital Photography course. Like any career, photography begins with learning the basics. This course will teach you all about digital cameras, from DSLRs to smartphone cameras. You’ll learn about different display methods for your camera, including sizing, print options, online storage, and how social media factors into digital photography.  

Of course, photography doesn’t just involve learning how to use a camera. Knowing how to use editing software such as Photoshop is one of the most important tools in a digital photographer’s toolkit. Adobe Photoshop CC is a powerful software subscription solution for digital photographers.  Whether you are a novice or accomplished photo editor, our course in Photoshop CC for the Digital Photographer will teach you the techniques you need to give your images a professional polish.  

If you already know the basics of Photoshop, you might want to consider our course in Photoshop CC for the Digital Photographer II. In this course, you’ll learn advanced techniques for layering, working with multiple selections, applying type masks and special effects, and using the right filters to enhance your images. You’ll also take multiple images and combine them into collages and panoramic photos, retouch portraits, and learn the tools and techniques for photo restoration.  This course will help you unlock the full potential of Photoshop. 

All of our short courses consist of 12 online lessons, including interactive quizzes, assignments, tutorials and online discussion areas.  The courses can be accessed over the internet 24/7, making them a great fit for learners with other professional or personal commitments, and budding photographers who don’t want to be stuck inside during daylight hours! 

With courses enrolling monthly, now is your time to focus on developing your skills in photography. Enrol today! 


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