Entering the IT Industry

To enter the IT industry is to make a lifelong commitment to learning; new tools and technologies are constantly emerging and evolving. 

Online learning seemed like the logical first step for eCampus NZ learner and IT professional Julie Blair, who was ready to step back into the workforce after raising two young children. 

“I wanted to get myself ready to go back to work before my son turned five, and I decided to take up studying part-time,” says Julie 

Keen to build on her experience in IT support, Julie enrolled in the New Zealand Certificate in Information Technology Essentials (Level 4) with the Eastern Institute of Technology, delivered online via eCampus NZ. 

So far, Julie has particularly enjoyed the Media Design and Development course which has a strong focus on website development. 

While she’s still working towards completing her qualification, her decision to study has already paid off. Recently, Julie landed a job in IT support and testing for a company that specializes in software and website development! 

“The course did help a lot in my application,” Julie says. “I already had some technical experience in this area but I needed a formal qualification to go along with it.” 

Julie even used her course facilitator as a referee for her job application. 

Julie emphasizes that there is high demand for motivated employees within the IT sector and that adding new qualifications to your CV is a great look for prospective employers.  

“They can see that you’re motivated to take that step forward,” she says. 

Parents know that if you can juggle the demands of parenting and studying, time management and organizational skills will be a cinch once you’re back in work.  

Of course, it’s not always easyJulie says the key to her success was setting short-term goals for herselfand completing as much work as she could when she found the time. 

“Get as much done when you can and try to have a routine,” says Julie. 

But she continues, “I couldn’t always follow my own advice!”  

For Julie, being able to complete her qualification online made the juggling act a lot easier. 

“I was able to work whenever I could, and work it around the kids, without being tied to making sure I was in a certain place at a certain time. That was a huge advantage to learning online.” 

Julie has pushed pause on her study for now but intends to resume once she’s settled in to her new role. 

“I want to finish it,” she says 

We look forward to seeing you in your next course, Julie. Congratulations from the entire eCampus NZ whānau! 

The eCampus NZ learning platform is being closed on 29 February 2024, as part of the completion of the amalgamation into Open Polytechnic | Te Pūkenga. Therefore, access to courseware for ākonga (learners) will be available for three months post course completion or 29 February 2024, whichever happens first. If you have any questions, please contact eCampus NZ : [email protected] or call 0800 328 269.