EIT Business Graduate Develops Women’s Health and Wellness Course


Just over a year after graduating with a qualification in small business, Melissa Marie is launching an online course to help abused women re-discover who they are to create a life they love.

After moving from Australia to Hastings, Melissa enrolled in the New Zealand Certificate in Business (Small Business) (Level 4) to learn more about New Zealand’s business environment.

“I had a business in Australia, but everything is done differently over here. I wanted to study to better understand what running a small business in New Zealand involves – including taxes,” she said.

Following the business plan she developed as part of her studies, Melissa used her background in women’s health, coupled with tools she developed through her personal experiences and earlier studies, to create a course focused on women’s health and wellness after an abusive relationship.

“I was in a women’s refuge safe house by my first wedding anniversary with my two young kids, two and a half hours away from my support family. My focus was on my kids, trying to make it as normal as possible for them, and I received very little support for myself and my wellbeing. I’ve created the resources that I wish I had during that time,” she said.

The seven-week programme incorporates self-love and self-discovery exercises, holistic counselling tools, mindfulness, re-programming limiting beliefs, goal setting, 1-on-1 healing sessions and online group support; bringing balance to mind, body and soul.

Melissa started teaching the course at Heretaunga Women’s Centre last year, and the online version will be launched soon.

Fittingly, she has named her business Lotus Becoming.

‘’The lotus blooms from the depths of darkness. The name felt right, because the course is about helping women transform their lives, rediscover who they are, and live a life they love,” Melissa said.

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