NZ Diploma in Business qualification helps eCampus learner’s career take off

Cristina sitting at desk

Graduating with a New Zealand Diploma in Business (Accounting) has helped Cristina Daymon’s career take flight.

Prior to completing the Level 5 programme through Ara Institute of Canterbury and eCampus NZ, she was working in a customer service role at a car rental company, Hertz New Zealand.

Cristina’s qualification opens doors

Since graduating, Cristina has been happily working as a credit officer for the same company.

She is now part of the Accounts Receivable team at Hertz NZ; she has her own portfolio to manage and is in charge of collecting payments from customers.

According to Cristina, “Having the diploma gave me the confidence to apply for the role that I now have.”

Cristina stated that the skills she had developed, through her NZ Diploma in Business (Accounting), have helped her with her new role.

“My study gave me the knowledge and understanding of how I will be able to perform my current role effectively and efficiently,” she said.

The education provided to Cristina has helped her to be able to complete her husband’s income statements.

“My husband does not need to pay an accountant for yearly income reports as I have the skill set to do so now,” she quipped.

“I had been thinking of studying an accounting course for a long time, but always hesitated to pursue my plan. When the Covid-19 situation struck the travel industry and directly affected my company, I decided that it would be a good opportunity to study. ”

Cristina recommends studying at eCampus NZ

“I am really grateful that everything worked as I planned, and I am thankful to eCampus as my online study experience is something I will not forget. All my mentors were very supportive and knowledgeable. If the opportunity ever arises, I would not think twice about studying further to become a chartered accountant. ”

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