Calling Kiwi learners – you can now study IT for free!

Have you been thinking about entering the IT industry? Well now’s the time, and thanks to the Government’s Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF), you can complete the New Zealand Certificate in Information Technology Essentials (Level 4) online at no cost to you. The TTAF fund is there to help Kiwis upskill and prepare for […]

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Which Business Administration Qualification Works for You?

Business Admin Qualification is Right for You

So you’re thinking about getting qualified in Business Administration and you want to know how to take the next step. Did you know that two of the most important steps in your learning journey happen before your courses even begin?  Step 1: Making the decision to study All learners begin their learning journey as soon […]

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Get Your Skills Certified

We no longer live in a world where the learning opportunities available to us are determined by where we live and who we work for.   You need to put up some new shelves? There’s a YouTube video for that.  School starts tomorrow and your tamariki need emergency haircuts? Check wikiHow.   Uh oh – you need to learn how to fix a bad haircut? Google it – you’ll get […]

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Study an online diploma

With so many career opportunities available to business graduates, it’s no surprise that the most popular courses studied with eCampus NZ last year are from our New Zealand Diploma in Business.  The benefits of studying business are obvious. Business graduates are in high demand, and the transferrable skills developed through a business diploma set graduates […]

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Learn Spanish Online

With over 450 million native speakers across the globe, it’s no wonder so many people are keen to add Spanish to their linguistic toolkit.  Spanish is the official language in twenty countries, which makes learning the language a one-way ticket to a lifetime of adventure for Kiwis who love to travel. Knowing key words and phrases of the local […]

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Focus on a career in photography

Focus on a Carreer

Do you wish you could spend more time behind the lens? Do you want to explore your passion for photography through your work, instead of around it? Does your dream day begin with packing a camera, lenses, and tripod on your way out the door?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, it sounds like now […]

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