Bookkeeping: Expectations vs. Reality

For centuries, bookkeepers have played an essential role in maintaining the financial health of businesses across many different industries. However, the job has changed significantly over time, and there are lots of misconceptions about what bookkeeping actually involves in the 21st century. Let’s take a look at some commonly believed myths about bookkeeping and see how they stack up. 1) Myth: Bookkeeping mainly involves data entry.  Reality: While it’s true that bookkeepers are responsible for carefully organising and reporting on a business’s financial transactions, bookkeeping can be a complex and varied role. Bookkeepers make sure that […]

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Want to be a Bookkeeper or Payroll Officer?

Take your admin career to the next level and specialise in the area of accounting with eCampus NZ newest offering the New Zealand Certificate in Business (Accounting Support Services) (Level 4). Play an integral role in the support of a finance team or day-to-day operations of small businesses through gaining a comprehensive understanding on how […]

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5 Reasons to Become a Bookkeeper


For as long as there have been businesses there have been bookkeepers. Even with the arrival of accounting software, their skills have still been highly sort after. This is because someone still needs to input the data, create the financial reports and keep an eye on day to day business transactions. Bookkeepers are the intermediaries […]

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