Building Management Skills – A Student Story

Jane Bevan is wrapping up her third online course with eCampus NZ. She lives with her partner in Kaitaia, and decided to study with eCampus NZ to gain some management knowledge before re-entering the work force.

eCampus NZ suited her well, with its online delivery, supported by accredited tutors. Jane’s courses are all linked to project management.

Courses are delivered over 10 weeks and involve about 15 hours of work each week. That’s 150 hours all up and it’s the flexibility of this mode of course delivery that appealed to Jane. “Some weeks you’re too busy to complete 15 hours, but then in another week you may have plenty of time to catch up and complete the next stage.”

Management courses can be completed to certificate or diploma level. Jane has completed certificates in Team Leadership and First line Management and is currently doing Project Management.

“What I like about the management courses is that as well as picking up new knowledge you learn useful people or communication skills. When you think about it, in any workplace you’re never really working alone, you’re usually one link in a chain. So learning key collaboration strategies is important,” Jane says.

“That’s on top of all that technical stuff like budgets, time management, and planning. But so much of what you learn can be applied outside the work environment. It can enhance your day to day dealings with all sorts of people and organisations.”

Jane admits that sometimes her eCampus NZ  study has been challenging. “But when you work hard and complete a project, it’s so rewarding and you get a great sense of satisfaction.”

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