Apps to help you study

As an online learning platform we completely embrace the use of apps to help improve your study habits. Most apps can be easily accessed on your iPhone or android through your app store. Here are some of our favourites

  • Flashcards! There are heaps of apps to choose from and most have similar functions. The first step is to create flashcards for the topic or subject you are studying. Then you test your memory and knowledge of the topic through quizzing. Because it’s on your phone you can study anywhere at any time. Most apps will have an offline mode. Apps to consider are: Flashcards+, Studyblue or Exam Vocabulary Builder.
  • Study Organisers/Task Managers! These apps are a great option for those who need a little help with time management. You can diarise important dates, for example when an assignment is due and you can block out slots in your calendar for study to keep you on track. Some apps let you write to do lists for the day or week. Check out: planner pig or Todoist.
  • Online Dictionary/Thesaurus. Using an online thesaurus or dictionary can be very helpful when an impending deadline is looming. It will help you quickly find the right words for your assignments and also check the context and meanings of words you are unsure of. There are also many translator apps if English isn’t your first language. Check out:
  • Stay Focused! These brilliant apps help you to stay motivated so you get more study done. One of the more fun options is Forest – an app which lets you plant trees while you study. Each tree equals 30 minutes of study time. If you leave the app before the time is up your tree will die. The harder you work the better your forest. It also provides you with detailed stats on how much time you have spent studying.
Important information for new learners

eCampus NZ as a business unit of Open Polytechnic, is now part of Te Pūkenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology.

From 1 January 2023, eCampus NZ will no longer enrol new learners into study plans delivered on the eCampus NZ learning platform.

However, all courses/programmes will still be available for online study through Open Polytechnic - Te Pūkenga.

The eCampus NZ team is here for you. If you are still experiencing ongoing issues related to Cyclone Gabrielle, please contact your advisor or facilitator so we can work with you to get you back on track.