5 Reasons to Study: Sales and Marketing

As long as there are customers, there will be jobs for sales and marketers. In fact, an insightful and passionate marketer can make all the difference between a company’s success or failure. It is about understanding the consumer, but also the human. And that is what makes it a fascinating field to work in. In the words of Bryan Eisenberg “Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do so.”

So aside from the fact you could one day become a boss just like Don Draper from hit TV show Madmen, here are five reasons to study sales and marketing.

Every industry and every company needs sales and marketing. This means there are plenty of opportunities to work for an organisation that you are passionate about – whether it’s retail, food and beverage, local government, tech, not for profit or agency. In addition, there are many forms of marketing, you can specialise in market research, consumer behaviour, branding, strategy, digital marketing, social media, promotions, events, services marketing – whatever grabs your interest.

Marketing skills are transferable. This is great if later down the track you decide marketing isn’t for you or you want a new challenge. Your marketing qualification will not go to waste. Marketing is the study of behaviour and human nature. There are many fields that value these insights and skills. Think about management, leadership, public relations, advertising, direct sales, retail, hospitality or even small business ownership.

Behaviour analysis and interpretation is fascinating – understanding people and why we do things is the key to sales. Why do you choose one product over another when perusing the supermarket aisle? What makes someone spend an extra $20 when the exact same product is sold for less by a competitor? How important is nostalgia, recommendations, smells, atmosphere and branding to decision making? Those who study sales and marketing will gain an understanding of the buyer decision making process and what influences buyer behaviour.

There is career progression and the possibility of good earning potential. First of all, there is a ladder in the corporate world of sales and marketing. Sure, you might start at the bottom, but you could eventually work your way up to general management – with a team of reports. There is no ceiling. If you work in a competitive sales team, often the harder you work and the better you are at your job, the higher your earning potential. You don’t have to be the most experienced – you just have to have a talent for sales.

In our growing digital world, marketing is still essential. With more and more consumers going online to buy, those that understand this field are more likely to succeed. Small and large businesses utilise digital marketing to reach customers in a way that traditional marketing just can’t. Gaining insight and knowledge of digital marketing is absolutely key to a long and prosperous career in sales and marketing.

Always wanted to be that marketing guru but not sure of how to achieve the goal? Perhaps you are already in a marketing role and you want to confirm and build on your expertise. Learn more about the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Marketing and Sales) (Level 5).

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