5 Reasons to Study: Human Resources

“You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business” – Zig Ziglar, Author

From hiring to conflict resolution, upskilling, and offering expert advice on employment law, Human Resources (HR) is an integral and important function in today’s business environment.

People are the eyes and ears of the business; the lifeblood; represent the passion; and pioneer the innovation. Without them, business lacks lustre and personality. Hence why the role of HR is so important; it puts the ‘human’ into the business.

If the prospect of a career in HR has caught your attention, but you want to know the key reasons why you should pursue a study path to realise your professional aspirations, then we’ve got the lowdown.

The demand exists: New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is an expert at anticipating supply and demand in the labour market and has stated there is a demand for HR employees specialising in areas including learning and development, culture and diversity management, and employment relations. All of which can be given a big tick through eCampus NZs’ Human Resources course, a part of the New Zealand Diploma in Business.

Improve employee turnover: staff retention is so valuable for businesses – not just from a cost management point of view, but also for continuity of culture and service. HR professionals are adept at identifying the right people for the right jobs and help employees to fulfil their potential which in turns enables the business to do the same thing.

Variety in your role: ‘variety is the spice of life’ as we all know and the challenging and wonderful thing about HR is that no two days will ever be the same. One day you could be running a workshop for staff to gain new skills and the next you might be heading up an interview panel to hire new employees.

Flexibility: HR is in demand in almost every industry which means you have a transferable skill. If you want to experience a range of different sectors, you will be able to adapt your knowledge and skillset to each environment.

Make a difference: finding a career you not only enjoy but that makes a fundamental difference to people’s lives carries with it tremendous kudos and merit. If you want a career that makes you feel good every day, then you’ve found your calling!

Have you always had a penchant for people management? Can you see yourself in an HR role but you’re just not quite sure how to get there? If this sounds like your dream and you want to pursue it, then take the first step with the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Human Resource Management) (Level 5).

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