5 Reasons to Study: Accounting

They say “Money makes the world go ‘round”, and for that reason there will always be a need for people to manage that money. Having competent accounting skills allows you to confidently navigate the world of business, and to effectively prepare and analyse financial data of your own business or that of a client. If you’re considering gaining a formal qualification in accounting, there are many reasons why this will set you apart from the rest.

High demand for accounting jobs.  Every industry across the globe has a need for an accounts specialist who understands finance and can manage the company’s account systems, so there will be a constant need for people to fill these roles. In addition, accounting skills allow you to take those skills to any company or industry that piques your interest. If you’re already working in a business, adding accounting skills to your resume will enable you contribute to the financial running of the business, and climb the corporate ladder even quicker.

A great fit with self-employment. If you are considering starting your own business, learning how to accurately interpret your company’s financial information will set you up for success. Ensuring you can prepare your own budgets and make effective monetary decisions will boost your confidence and the performance of your business.

Job security. Accounting has been described as “recession proof”. While many businesses and jobs come and go as the economy rolls through its cycles, there is a constant need for accounting experts to manage the tough times as well as the boom ones.  The future is promising – across the ditch, the Australian government predicts there will be more than 84,000 new jobs in accounting and associated fields over the next five years, so there are jobs aplenty.

Skills for life. For many in the corporate world, even those with many years’ experience, dealing with numbers and deciphering financial documents is often seen as a foreign language. Enabling yourself to have the skills to not only prepare financial reports and but interpret them and then communicate the data with others boosts your job prospects and also those of the business. Accounting is a skill that will last the duration of your career, because while one of the few certainties in life is taxes, then so too is accounting!

A truly complementary qualification. Being adept at the very practical skill of number crunching, while worthwhile in itself, also complements an extensive range of other roles in business, such as finance, business analysis, investment management, and risk management. Current day working environments require individuals to be multi-skilled, and adding these essential skills to your tool belt will help you to further your pathways in the business world.

If you’re keen to explore how far you can go in business, eCampus NZ offers a Diploma in Business (Accounting), Level 5.

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