The 5 most important lessons learnt in business

Striving for that new promotion? Looking to be a stronger leader at work? eCampus NZ Chief Executive Pamela Simpson offers insight to the top five lessons/values that have helped empower her as a leader in the workplace.

Keep an open, clear mind: be prepared to challenge yourself, your beliefs and your norms through self-reinvention. But always stick to your values, and keep your vision in clear sight. Embrace who you are, your individuality.

Respect and empowerment are essential: treat others with the respect that you want and seek to empower others. Create an environment for team members to voice problems and work as a team to solve them. Recognise the range of skills that are required and being used everyday – competency based skills are so important. Ensure awareness of these in yourself, and acknowledge them in others.

Be accountable: be comfortable within yourself when you are wrong and accept when something did not go as well as you would have hoped – don’t dwell on it, but view it as a huge opportunity to learn and improve. If you do not know the answer to something, acknowledge this, but be sure to let the person know you will find out and get back to them (give a date that you will follow up by) – this is just courtesy.

If you have nothing good to say, say nothing: if you feel angry, that’s ok, but get your head into a constructive headspace quickly. When having an emotional reaction to a situation, take five and try not to immediately react. Remember that words said in haste or without consideration can stay with you for a long time. Acknowledge where the anger is coming from and focus on what you can do and don’t look for scapegoats – this is very destructive.

I am a person first: I have a family that is my priority followed closely by my work – if either of my sons contact me while I am at work, if I can I answer, I will. Respect that other people’s families are their priority too.

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