12 Blogs of Christmas

Telling our story and the stories of our students is an important part of the eCampus NZ journey. As an online learning platform, our blog is one way we connect with our community of learners. Through it, we celebrate in the success of our learners, share ways in which eCampus NZ can help you achieve your goals and guide our leaners through their time studying and beyond.

In this week’s blog we round up your favourite blogs of 2018. From this list it is obvious how much our community loves to be inspired by the success of others! No tall poppy syndrome in sight.

The top blogs are:

Three reasons Autumn is a great time to change your life.

Autumn isn’t an obvious time to make life changing decisions. It tends to take a back seat to the New Year or Spring. However, the people have spoken, and Autumn has found a seat at the table. You loved our three reasons to get motivated in Autumn – here’s a reminder of why… Read Blog

A dynamic duo.

What’s not to like. Here we have two people, married with kids, who are just going for it. They are working and studying hard to make a better, brighter future for their family together. With three children under six and one on the way, they certainly have their hands full. They are an inspiration to anyone who says they just don’t have the time. Read Blog

10 things that will get you promoted

It’s no secret, one of the reasons people study is to propel their career to new heights. A promotion is just one of the awesome outcomes that can result from studying. It therefore comes as no surprise to see this blog on the list of our most read. Obviously, we think reason five is pretty important ? Read Blog

How unplugging from tech can make you a better student

For those of us who are obsessed with checking our screen time, the notion that unplugging from tech gives you better focus won’t come as a surprise. Being present – whether that’s with people or with how we spend our time promotes better sleep and wellness. Better health and wellbeing contribute to better outcomes for all areas of our lives – including our learning potential. Read Blog

Master of many

Another student story that inspired the masses. Leroy Lakamu studied towards a Certificate in Project Management with eCampus NZ. On finishing his qualification, he has launched his own business and is excited about his future. Read all about his learning journey here. Read Blog

Why leadership is crucial to business success

Many of our learners who are studying through eCampus NZ are doing so to reach that next step in their career. As an online learning platform, we offer a comprehensive selection of leadership and management courses and qualifications. Leadership doesn’t always come naturally but you can learn the skills to become a great leader – find out how. Read Blog

A silver-lining

A solo-mum, with a desire to make a life change, the story of Rachael Hurst is an inspiring read. Studying towards a certificate in business administration, Rachael said one of the greatest rewards of studying online has been her children’s support. “My daughter would see how hard I was working on my assignments and would get so excited when I got my marks back.” Awesome stuff! Read Blog

Studying for my family

Tane Edwards wanted to improve his family’s lifestyle – in fact, this desire is what drove him to study online with eCampus NZ. With three children and one on the way, Tane took his future into his hands and decided to enrol in the NZ Diploma in Business. Finding the time to study around his busy home and work schedule hasn’t been easy, but Tane’s commitment, tenacity and go-getter attitude has driven him forward. Read his story here. Read Blog

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams

Jo’s story is one many mums and dads know well. After years of giving your all to your kids and their future, one day you realise you want something more for yourself and your career. Needing to keep working, while she upskilled, Jo enrolled in online learning with eCampus NZ. This is her story. Read Blog

Upskilling for a new job

As an online learning platform, we often attract students who are leading busy lives – many of our students have children and/or a full-time or part-time job. Online learning works for most of our students because it fits in around their other commitments. Nikki Davidson is the perfect example of a typical eCampus NZ student. She is Operations Manager at a busy kitchen and joinery company, she has a busy home life with a family to care for and she spends her evenings and weekends studying online. Nikki’s passion for learning and a dedication to her goals keeps her going. Read all about it here. Read Blog

The sky’s the limit

Running her own business looking after accounting for tradesmen in Marlborough and, in her own words, being “the backup dancer” for her partner’s panelbeating business, it boggles the mind that Kelly Richardson would have capacity to undertake a qualification while also juggling young children. But she did it. Find out how. Read Blog

5 reasons you should study project management

Project management is one of the most popular courses offered through TANZ eCampus, and it is easy to see why. Project management offers transferable skills that many employers can see the value in and it seems there is always a demand for highly skilled and professional project managers across multiple industries. Even though most of you don’t need convincing, here are our five reasons why you should study project management. Read Blog


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