10 things that will get you promoted

Do you have a desire to to secure more responsibility at work in the form of a promotion? A promotion is the type of endorsement and recognition that gives our self-esteem a massive boost.

Sometimes promotions find you, and other types you need to take some important steps to ensure you are considered for one. If you find yourself in the second category, here are our top ten tips to help you on your way to promotion glory!

Lead by example:

Managers do not become managers as a result of a workplace popularity contest – they’ve deservedly gained the right to lead through their reliability and the respect they have earned. Take charge of your professional development! Show initiative, inspire your peers and demonstrate innovation if you want to be considered for a promotion.

Just because you may be in the entry level stage of your career doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be preparing yourself for leadership roles in the future.

Operate outside the square:

Employees that qualify for promotions are the ones who have shown they can think laterally and are willing to go above and beyond. Think about how you can add value to your organisation and step up to the plate if you’re asked to contribute in ways beyond your job description.

Talk the talk, walk the walk:

While no one appreciates a skite, don’t be afraid to speak your mind – in a constructive way – on the things you’ve contributed and you’d like to be contributing. Then make sure you deliver, always deliver!

Work on creating your personal brand. Like your fingerprint, your personal brand sets you apart from everyone around you and helps communicate to prospective employers your suitability for a role.

Pursue education:

Where you can increase your knowledge and expertise through training or higher education, go for it. These days, study is more flexible than it has ever been thanks to online education. The greater your knowledge and expertise, the more valuable you become to your organisation and peers.


In addition to education, find other ways to upskill and add value. Employers give promotions to those who have proven that they are ambitious when it comes to self-improvement. Find a mentor, volunteer, train others, start a blog and read!


We’re not talking about the superficial ‘back scratching’ kind, but rather the meaningful interactions that inspire. Being successful at work is about what you know and who you know. Keep company with other like-minded people striving for the same success, and don’t be afraid to ask for their advice and guidance.

Be a relationship broker:

Social capital is a very valuable commodity. If you can introduce your workplace to other great candidates when opportunities present, you are demonstrating that you also have a keen eye for talent, and when management opportunities present, you’ll be able to provide practical examples of how you have helped the business succeed.

Avoid the politics:

Gossip is a very toxic thing to get caught up in – always be professional and don’t risk your reputation by getting drawn into petty politics.

Research your promotion:

Take the time to learn all you can about the role you’re gunning for, or if you’re unsure about the next step, take proactive steps to decide what’s best for you.

Be a good sport:

Even if you miss out on a promotion you had your heart set on, don’t be a sore loser. Keep your head held high and be gracious by congratulating and supporting the successful candidate. Your time will come, and by showing you can be happy for others, you are reminding your employer of your maturity and commitment to camaraderie – both incredibly important and highly regarded traits!

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