10 Productivity Hacks for Learners

In today’s ‘insta-world’ we’re all about doing things faster, smarter and more efficiently. Time is our most precious commodity, and it’s always slipping through our hands.

So, let’s get you back in the driving seat and make time work for you. Here are some great hacks to help you beat procrastination and become your most productive best:

1. Clear the decks

Embrace minimalism and clean your desk. Remove clutter and anything that might distract you from your study. If you want things on your desk you might want to check this study which recommends red and blue for increasing attention to detail and creativity.

2. Go-go gadget free!

We know it’s hard, but removing your phone, tablet, Fitbit, or iPod from the desk will significantly increase your concentration. Would you believe that a 2016 study found that average users touch their phones 2617 times a day?

3. Prep the night before

Spend ten minutes the night before getting things organised for the morning. This could mean laying out the things you need for the day, preparing a packed lunch, or writing down a plan for the day. Tell yourself before you hit the hay that tomorrow is going to be a great day. Commit to your plan.

4. Clear out the cobwebs in the morning

No, we don’t mean dusting! A burst of exercise in the morning can set up your entire day. Exercise releases endorphins, helping you to feel good. Not only will your brain be more productive, but you will also feel smug with a sense of achievement!

5. Timetable it

We all know how to pull the rabbit out of the hat when the deadline is looming. Put a timetable together with some milestones around when you must accomplish each task and watch yourself hop to it!

6. Off-site visit

Mix it up and take it off-site. Pick a location that allows you to concentrate; a library, quiet corner in a café, or even a park that has free wi-fi. Call it a study date if it makes it more attractive.

7. Hack the snacks

Your ‘lizard brain’ (limbic cortex) is telling you you’re starving. You’re led to the kitchen where you open the fridge door and stare blankly at the shelves. Of course, you’re not really starving. It’s just another excuse to leave your desk.  Prepare your study snacks in advance. A bowl of nuts (brain food!), wrap, muesli bar, piece of fruit and a bottle of water will see you through the day without mindless trips to the kitchen.

8. Make time for break time

Not just any time mind you. Schedule time for your breaks as part of your planned day. A mid-morning break to check your emails and phone, a lunch break, and an afternoon break. Stick to ten minutes for breaks and half an hour for lunch.

9. Get the zzz’s you need to succeed

Rather than watch another episode of Game of Thrones (let’s face it, you’ve already watched three back to back), pack it in and go to bed. A good night’s sleep will ensure your brain is in an optimal state to absorb new information tomorrow. You owe it to yourself to hit the hay early.

10. Remember your ‘why’!

When things seem heavy going it helps to remember why you’re doing this. Whether you’re up-skilling, retraining, or studying for the first time there’s a good reason why you decided to do this. Create a vision board if it helps, showing photos of the life you will lead once you’ve qualified.

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